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Regional Representatives

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What are the advantages of representatives?

First of all, representatives are getting the latest information about any news or updates in the trust management project of Top Minex Limited. In addition to direct contact with the management of the company representatives have the opportunity to increase reward for attracting investors. Instead of the standard 6% commission representatives receive 10%. Their contact details and unique affiliate link are placed in this section, which significantly increases the probability of their earnings.

How to become a representative?

If you want to become the part of our team and are responsible enough to take on the challenges of being one of our representatives, feel free to apply for this position. In order to apply, please submit your information to admin@top-minex.com.

  1. You should be an active investor of Top Minex (min. deposit 5000$)
  2. You should have some knowledge about Top Minex, bitcoin investments and able to explain how our system works
  3. You should be polite and helpful.
Name Username Phone Messengers Languages Site url Email
Admin HyipGuardian_com hyipguardian_com - Skype:
English /td> hyipguardian@yahoo.com
Name Username Phone Messengers Languages Site url Email
FUMIO Firesoul2 - Skype:
English, Japanese - fumiosoul@yahoo.com

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