About Us


About top-minex.com

We specialize in Cryptocurrency Trading.

Cryptocurrencies are growing fast around the world and created a huge and profitable market. The volatility of cryptocurrencies ensures many trading opportunities on on a daily basis. We are working around the clock to make sure we don't miss the best opportunities for successful trades.



Why should you invest?

We trade Bitcoin and Altcoins on a daily basis, allowing us to earn up to 2% per day for our investors. The Cryptocurrency market never sleeps, you will earn profits even on weekends.

Dedicated Support

We want to work as close as possible with our clients. You can contact us any time on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Email, or using the live chat feature on our Website.

Transparent Reports

Transparency and confidence are most important when it comes to investments. You will be able to see ALL our trades in your account. Plus, you can withdraw your funds at ANY time.


We are dedicated to trading Cryptocurrencies, it is what we do. All 3 members of our team gave up their day jobs to focus on what we know best: Cryptocurrencies

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